Lucie Carpentier | PDF ebooks
Lucie Carpentier | PDF ebooks
Creation of the layout of 4 PDF ebooks for women, on smoothies, and wellbeing.
Smoothies, recipes, ebook, pdf, design, layout, interactive, digital, editorial
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Kathryn Tamblyn Smoothies Brief: to create the layout for a series of 4 PDF ebooks of a total of 250 pages, on wellbeing, nutrition and smoothies. By Kathryn Tamblyn. The main purpose is an easy to read document, packed with great photographs and visuals to help achieve a healthier diet. There is one ebook tester for a 3 day diet, a main ebook (centre) and a recipe & shopping guide.


where to buy proscar online uk Design: I was given a colour palette and let my layout imagination free! As these ebooks are for online reading only, it was important to keep the design very airy and attractive. I alternated between some hand drawn patterns and clean icons for the background as well as nude or bolder colours to create a lovely food/life contrast.

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May 15, 2014



backgrounds, colours, design, editorial, health, healthy, layout, pdf, pdf ebook, smoothies, wellness