Lucie Carpentier | Flyer invitation design
Lucie Carpentier | Flyer invitation design
I created a flyer for a festival by the seaside in Watergate bay. I used watercolour to create a colourful wash background to symbolise the summer and the sea, and some simple doodles to link food and love. The festival is about discovering new local food, healthy eating, and attracts young people as well as families, so a large audience.
flyer invitation design
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Watergate Bay Taste Festival

Brief: to create a print flyer to give out on the streets as an invitation to the Watergate Bay Taste Festival. The event is open to everyone.


Design: I chose to go for a handmade and colourful flyer. As it is a summer festival by the seaside, rich watercolours and doodles seemed like the perfect combination to me. I also needed to attract as many different types of people as possible, so I kept it quite simple in the fonts and modern in style.


May 20, 2012


Hand lettering, LAYOUT, PRINT

doodles, flyer, illustration, invitation, invite, print, watercolor, watercolour