Lucie Carpentier | Conference Brochure
Lucie Carpentier | Conference Brochure
Brochure design for a corporate financial conference in London
Brochure design conference programme
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London Financial summit

Brief: create a conference programme/brochure that would have information about the company, articles about the conference economical context, and the programme itself. The requested style was to be in line with the brand’s colour and have a crisp, clear and modern style throughout.


Design: I chose a square brochure for the modern feel and the practical side of it: it is easy to carry around and I could still display a lot of information inside. For the colours, I decided to use a light grey for its softness, mixed with 3 bold cold colours (purple, blue and green) which work well on print. The logo was very simple and clean made of icons which were reused as a background throughout the pages, and I used a masonry style for the programme details.



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