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    I’m dedicating this space to creativity: the process, some methods, some thoughts and theories. It’s a topic that absolutely fascinates me and I hope this space will bring you some insights too.

    I’m in love with creativity itself but also with all the various ways we have to express ourselves. After becoming a graphic designer, I explored photography for a few years, leading me to create and upload stock photos and digital products.

    Here you’ll soon see pages with favourite readings about creativity, some of my own work, work from other people that I truly admire, and lots of other things.

    I wrote a bit about who I am here, but as a quick into, I’m the kind of person who thrives by working independently and anywhere I please, and in order to achieve this lifestyle, the rise of the Internet has played a huge part for me. I only work online, and this allows me to go wherever I please. It’s not a simple thing to build up, I’ve made tons of mistakes along the way since I started out in 2014, and I’m sharing all about it in a membership site where you too can learn about how to make an online income from creative digital products.

    I’ve recently been through a pretty transformative restorative journey, which is leading me to write a lot about mindfulness and spirituality here, but also on how a better connection to our inner self has can increase our creative powers. I’m also playing with outdoor photography, and I will share more about this process soon.

    All of this to say that there are so many ways for us to express ourselves, it’s a wonderful present we’ve been gifted. As you can see, I’m passionate about many different things but they all come down to the same process which is what I live for: curiosity, creation, connection. So don’t miss any more chances and start exploring too.

    See you soon,

    Lucie x