About me

lucie carpentier visual design

Thank you for visiting this space.

My name is Lucie, and I’ll tell you a bit here about me.

I’m a endless wanderer and Nature lover. You can spot me in different areas of Western Europe but mostly along the coastline.

I grew up in the countryside close to the Ocean and surrounded by Nature. In my twenties, I felt an urge to discover big cities and I moved to London. I became a graphic designer there, and the day I graduated counts as one of the best of my life. After a few years though, the endless city rush made me out of breath so I moved to Portugal in 2016 to be near the Ocean again. There I fell in love with its wilderness, its simplicity of life, its waves and its people.

Nowadays, without being a fully digital nomad, I am mostly based between my Native South of France, where I recharge and get energised from a vibrant and creative buzz in a fast developing area, and the wilder coastline of Portugal and Spain, where I wander, gather inspiration, and find my quiet space.

Surf became my favourite hobby in 2016 and sleeping in a hammock is one of the simplest things that brings me a great sense of joy. I’m also really grateful to whoever discovered cacao.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the notion of creativity. Younger, I used to believe that Being creative is a gift that we either have, or that we don’t. I think most people believed the same thing. More recently, with the rise of the Internet, we are able to hear more and more that creativity isn’t a gift, but more something we can get to, or become, if we practice, work at it and allow ourselves to explore. I think it’s not fully one nor the other. I’ve spent most of my life trying to unfold this mystery, reading many books, becoming a designer, and then a photographer, observing artists and the way they work, and reading some more books.

Today I can’t say that I’ve solved the mystery completely, but I’ve gained some clarity about it. I believe that each human has been gifted with a creative mission when coming to life, and that it is a choice that we make to use this gift and put it to work, or to ignore it. The question then becomes: how do I unveil this gift? How do I get to know what I’m here for? What will I create?

Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean being an artist, although you’d probably imagine a painter in their studio or a writer in the attic as the most common definition of creativity. And yet. You can be creative in the way you handle your patients in a hospital and communicate with them, you can be creative in the way you design buildings, in the way you arrange your garden, or in the way you organise you accountability work. So please don’t assume that you haven’t been gifted, or that you have no means to access creativity. You do.

And this is why I created this space, to reflect, share my observations and theories, but also to connect with you, if you’re also curious or fascinated about creativity and you want to know more.

Looking forward to seeing you around again,

Much love,